Diapo Image SlideshowThe jQuery Slideshow module for Joomla

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Compatible with all Browsers

Compatible with Mobiles & Tabs

Features at a Glance

  • 29 Animation Effects
  • 32 Easing Effects
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Fully Documented Module

Diapo Slideshow is a jQuery Image Slideshow having lot of configurable features and 24 amazing effects. It module is very easy to setup and fully configurable in the module parameter. It can be used as a slideshow on homepage of your website to give it a lively and attractive look.

Slideshow Effects

  • Random
  • Simple fade
  • Curtain top left
  • Curtain top right
  • Curtain bottom left
  • Curtain bottom right
  • Curtain slice left
  • Curtain slice right
  • Scroll Left
  • Scroll Right
  • Blind curtain top left
  • Blind curtain top right
  • Blind curtain bottom left
  • Blind curtain bottom right
  • Blind curtain slice bottom
  • Blind curtain slice top
  • Stampede
  • Mosaic
  • Scroll Top
  • Scroll Bottom
  • Mosaic reverse
  • Mosaic random
  • Mosaic spiral
  • Mosaic spiral reverse
  • Top left bottom right
  • Bottom right top left
  • Bottom left top right
  • Bottom left top right
  • Scroll Horz

Extension Features

  • 29 slide and 32 easing effects
  • Unlimited Image Slideshow
  • Option to fetch images from folder or define images separated by comma.
  • Option to resize images using Auto Resize Tools
  • Attractive and easy to use Module Parameters
  • Description, title and link for each image can be set easily [NEW]
  • Pause time for each slideshow can be controlled
  • Auto Slide can be enabled/disabled
  • Two different loader options : Pie and Bar
  • Automatically resize images according to the parameters.
  • Enable/Disable Stop and Play Buttons
  • Pagination can be Enabled/Disabled.
  • Transition Period of the Slide can be controlled
  • Select caption font from a list of 25 predefined Google Fonts
  • Option to set user defined font
  • Option to change color, bold or size
  • Caption Bar color can be changed
  • Direction of caption can be changed
  • Option to disable the caption bar.
  • Navigation :  Enable/Disable



* Please be sure that you know what you are buying and have read all the features carefully before purchasing the extension. Other than the above mentioned features we don't support any other features . To clarify all your queries and concern you can open a support ticket at http://support.infyways.com before making the purchase.

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